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Our mission is to help emergency responders and their families respond proactively to the growing problem of occupational stress from repeated exposure to trauma throughout their careers.

This stress increasingly manifests itself in suicide/attempted suicide, alcoholic and drug abuse, domestic violence and divorce, which also affect the lives of co-workers, friends, and family members and cost* counties, cities, and fire/emergency departments billions of dollars each year. (*Source: CDC)

Our mission to help involves four major focuses:

  • Training
    •  In for the Long Haul is designed to help those with occupational stress and train departments in early detection and prevention of these problems.
    • Together for the Long Haul program will help family and friends (especially spouses) recognize and respond appropriately to their firefighter’s occupational stress, with a goal of resolving family conflict and preventing divorce and collateral damage.
    • Our goal is to provide these trainings free, through individual and corporate donations, special events, and grant funding.
  • On-call Support for First Responders and Officers
    • Individual sessions
    • Referrals
    • Critical Incident Debrief sessions following traumatic calls
  • Raise up a network of trained and certified Chaplains
  • Advocacy and Research
    • Increase the span of our mission by researching current statistics and current initiatives that address first responder behavioral and mental health issues to determine a more effective model of chaplaincy.
    • Promote behavioral health through written resources and speaking engagements.

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