What People are Saying

Bobby and Steve edit“Every firefighter needs this training.”

Bobby Halton
(Ret) Fire Chief, Coppell, Albuquerque
Editor-in-Chief, Fire Engineering and Fire Rescue Magazines
Director, Fire Directors Instructors Conference (FDIC)


Paul Hagan cropped“Every emergency/first responder and their spouses need  to  go  through  Steve’s  In For the Long Haul  program.”

Dr. Paul Haggan, PhD
Licensed Professional Counselor, Trauma Specialist



“Chaplain Calvert’s In For the Long Haul is a must-have for our men and women on the front lines, their families and friends, and anyone who deals with trauma on a regular basis. 

This program highlights critical aspects of surviving and thriving in the face of professional and personal challenges associated with the firefighter and paramedic careers.  It sheds light not only on the many stresses and why they occur, but also how to handle the strain, care for oneself and others, and ultimately not become a casualty. 

Dr. Keith White, PhD
Chief Clinical Psychologist and Director
Carle Foundation Hospital & Physician Group


Kevin Richardson croppedIn For the Long Haul is specifically designed to take care of our people and firefighters. We have seen attitudes improved, sick time reduced, camaraderie has come around, fellowship and brotherhood are back in service.”

Kevin Richardson, Coppell Fire Chief
Past President, Dallas County Fire Chiefs Association


John Glover cropped 2Please keep offering In for the Long Haul because many young men and women, responding to society’s worst calls, need the skills your course provides to rebound mentally and be able to respond to the next emergency.”

John Glover, Highland Village Fire Chief
President, Denton County Fire Chiefs Association


Brent Blackmon thumbnailWe wanted to say thank you so much for coming to talk to our firefighters following the fatal plane crash and then the death of one of our own members. It was a big help for everyone to be able to talk through the incidents with someone who understood and had some answers.

We believe in the work you do to help with critical incident stress. Thank you for doing what you do!”

Brent Blackmon, Fire Chief
Granbury Volunteer Fire Department


“Thank you very much, Steve Calvert, for your dedication to the mental health and well-being of firefighters.” 

Kyle Lewis, First Responder
Saginaw Fire Department

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