I Guess This Makes it Official!

IMG_2658Welcome to the Champion Responders website! It’s been just over a year since I was asked to serve in West, Texas, after the devastating explosion at the fertilizer plant that rocked the town and the lives of its residents. 12 firefighters perished in that accident, and the time I spent with their families changed the direction of my life in a profound way.

That was when I first felt the stirring to leave church ministry for fire chaplaincy. At the time, I had no idea where this road would take me. Truth is, I still don’t, but with the doors God has opened, there’s no turning back now!

Once my wife Gina and I made the decision to take the leap of faith, it’s been a whirlwind of business decisions, website and technology nightmares, moonlighting for cash to fund the ministry, cramming for months for the international FDIC conference at which I recently presented, meeting with dozens of firefighters and officers, individually and in group training sessions, helping to lay to rest a distinguished veteran of the Coppell Fire Department, and moving into a wonderful office donated by a local church. I even assisted my first firefighter with PTSD recovery and clearance to return to work. The change to not only that firefighter, but the entire station convinced me more than ever that we were onto something.

That was last year. This year promises to be just as exciting. We’re honored that you stopped by. We ask for your prayers for the strength, wisdom, and resources to serve champion responders.

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