The Clock is Ticking on This Incredible Offer!

476318570_4b4a57b96c_b Imagine doubling your impact with no extra effort…

Here’s the Offer: A long-time friend has seeded our campaign efforts with a generous $10,000 matching offer!

Champion Responders has been primarily self-funded for a year. Steve works tirelessly to build relationships, minister to those in the fire service and victims of trauma, while also establishing Champion Responders operations, writing, training, promoting his training, and fundraising. In May, Steve:

  • Attended and facilitated a 4-hour training session at the week-long international FDIC Conference in Indianapolis, where he started the national conversation about chaplaincy
  • Traveled to West to be with the families of the firefighters who perished there last year on the anniversary of the tragedy, when the State Fire Marshall’s final report was presented to them
  • Hosted an open house at our new office, essentially launching Champion Responders to all Coppell firefighters, as a resource for them in their ongoing careers
  • Provided pre-marital counseling for two firefighters and their fiances (and married one of them)
  • Conducted the funeral of the first Fire Chief of the Coppell Fire Department
  • Accepted the offer to serve on the Board of Directors for the Texas Corps of Fire Chaplains, the Texas leg of the International Federation of Fire Chaplains, where he will be recruiting and training new fire chaplains throughout the state
  • Accepted a writing proposal from Dr. Larry Waters, a Dallas Theological Seminary professor, to co-write a book on Mental Resilience

All of these activities were offered for free! We’re amazed at these opportunities, and grateful to those who are already supporting this ministry. However, this level of service cannot be sustained without community support. And that’s why we’re excited to make our value-minded supporters aware of this great opportunity.

4 Reasons to Donate Now:

1. In case you’re not good at math, a matching offer means that every dollar donated becomes two!

2. Donations to Champion Responders are tax-deductible. (Our donate page will show you how)

3. Donations to Champion Responders can be made online in minutes. (Again, our donate page will walk you through the process)

4. Monthly donations can be set up in any amount, and the campaign period is long enough that TWO donations would be doubled.  

The Clock is Ticking!

We’ve received about $2800 in donations thus far, including funds from several who have committed to ongoing monthly support.

We have 6 weeks to raise the remaining $7200. Can we count you in?

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